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What is Master of Mana?

Master of Mana is a fantasy Modification (Mod) for the PC strategy game Civilization IV

Gameplay Features

- A huge Magic system that includes 20+ Summons, 20+ Terraforming Rituals, 50+ Global Enchantments, 50+Spells
- about 30 different Civilizations, all with their Unique Playstyle.
- A detailed Resource System
- A Guild System
- A worldclass AI developed specificially for this Mod
and much more...

System Requirements:

To play this mod, you need Civilization IV and its expansion Beyond the Sword. If you do not own them already, you can buy the complete Civilization IV Edition fairly cheap nowadays and gain the ability to play a lot of brilliant mods, not just this one.


10/24/2013: Patch 2.0 released Read more